PT 1.3 Construction of the bridge

Firstly we tried making the bridge design using design 2. But after making the bridge, one of our groupmates lost the bridge. Thus,  the availability of materials decreased. Therefore, we were unable to make design 2 and we carried on with a new design.  Due to certain circumstances, some of the popsicle sticks were lost and we were unable to achieve the desired design. But this didn't let us down. We never gave up. We used the remaining ice cream sticks to build another bridge. So firstly we did the 4 procedure combination whereby at the bottom there will be one stick. Then in the middle , there will be two more and then on top of it,  there will be one more stick. This is what we called the 4 procedure combination. 


Front view of the 4 procedure combination 

                                                          Side view of the 4 procedure combination 

Then using the 4 procedure combination, we built a long pole like structure. We used around 6, 4 procedure combination sticks so that the length of the bridge will be 60 cm long. Since the dimension for the bridge stated that, the length of the bridge should not be lesser than 55 cm and not longer than 65 cm, we decided that 60 cm was just enough. 

Using the 4 procedure combination, we made a long pole. 

After making a few of the 4 procedure combination poles, we stacked them up, one over the other. We stacked them sideways, so that it will be harder to break. We stacked them until we achieved a width of 4cm. Because of the limited number of sticks that we had, we could not make the width bigger. We used clips so that it would hold the sticks together. 

Stacking the ice cream sticks poles on one on top of the other. 

Using the clips to help hold the sticks together 

After stacking the sticks one on top of the other, we achieved our desired bridge design. Even though it doesn't resemble the exact bridge design, we were still happy about it. 

Final Product

Basic measurements 
Mass of bridge
Overall length 
Overall width
Overall height

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