PT 2.3 Construction of Car

So firstly, we made the front wheels of the mousetrap smaller than the back wheels. But we realised that the front wheels were quite wobbly and the mousetrap of the car did not move in a straight line, it was just turning right all the time

Next we tried to make the front wheels the same as the back wheels. This will allow the mouse trap car to move in a straight line. But we faced another problem, the car wasnt moving far enough. Thus we decided to make our "arm" of the mousetrap longer thus giving the mousetrap car more leverage allowing the mousetrap car to move far and fast.
After several problems and bumps along the way especially with several repairs and re-edits of the car, We have successfully produced a working mouse-trap car.

Length of the Mousetrap: 37 cm
Height of the mousetrap: 12.7 cm 
 Diameter of the mousetrap : 17 cm 

Some of the problems we faced along the way are, the car's axles being misaligned, the balloon tearing easily and the mouse trap not producing enough moment to bring it far. Thus, several edits, changes and repairs have to be made.

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